Butter – Batch Processor App

Butter is an app to process one or more files using command line app in batch mode. Command app examples are ImageMagic convert.exe to convert images and ffmpeg.exe to convert video files.

If you have other app that support command line input than you can add that to this app. The command line app that is included this app saved in a configuration called kit files.

version 3.4: Download | Portable.
– added converter from HTML to PDF using WKHTMLtoPDF
– bugs when saving kits
– upgrade to Qt 5.5.1

version 2.3: DownloadPortable.
– bug reports or feature request form
– smaller installer file size.

version 1.2: Download.
– first public release
– external app connector using kit
– kits editor
– available themes: light, dark and widget
– available kit: SVG to PNG converter, Video to MP3 converter.

Downloads: All versions.

Image 003 Image 004 Image 006 Image 007 Image 008 Image 009 Image 010 Image 001 Image 002

Kadoi – Web App Creator

Image 005

Kadoi is an application to create android web app by using Apache Cordova engine and JQuery Mobile framework. To run this app you need to have the following app installed: Apache Cordova, Apache Ant, Android SDK with API 10 or/to 19, and Java SDK.

version 6.9.5: Download | Portable
[22 Juni 2015]
– Added: running Android app after installation from APK Installer
– Added: editor folding options
– Fix: UI style for smaller screen
– Fix: openning existing web without index.html

version 6.9.3: Download | Portable
[16 Maret 2015]
– Added APK Installer options
– Fix empty version on update information

version 6.9:
– Initial public release
– Create android web app from general web
– Create android web app using jquery mobile framework
– Create android web app from Intel XDK Project
– JQuery Mobile components toolbox
– HTML components toolbox
– Landscape and portrait editing layout
– Drag n drop files to currently open file
– Integrated Apache Cordova plugins

Currently supported Apache Cordova plugins: batterystatus, camera, contacts, device, devicemotion, deviceorientation, dialogs, file, filetransfer, globalization, inappbrowser, media, mediacapture, networkinformation, splashscreen, vibration.

Download: Release (recommended) | Portable: zip version, 7z version | All versions.

Image 003 Image 012 Image 013 Image 011 Image 015 Image 016 Image 017 Image 014

Ciew WebApp Engine


Ciew (read: see-you) Browser made for simplicity in look and bring focus to the site content only.

version 3.7: Download
[March 23, 2015]
– added: audio and video player
– update: update mechanism
– added: ability to open another window
– added: web page printing
– added: pdf viewer (need external plugins like Adobe Reader installed)

version 3.3:
[November 21, 2014]
– update default app style
– added: auto reload
– added: source view
– fixed: address bar interactivity
– change name to Ciew Webapp Engine

version 3.0:
– Bigger address bar
– Fixed: normal zoom
– Fixed: access to local web and secure web

version 2.0:
– Multi instance
– Portable, no install needed
– All in one URL bar + search bar
– Using system proxy as application proxy
– Supported OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, and Windows 8.1

version 1.0:
– initial release Desember 12, 2013

Download: Release (recommended) | zip version | All versions.

Ara Player (Android Audio Video Player)


Ara Player is an audio video player for android with features like mix playlist between audio and video, fullscreen audio/video player and lyrics search tool.

version 5.8: Download
[January 9, 2015]
– added: new settings view
– added: options for background cover and transparancy
– added: dark light theme (4.4 like theme)
– drop: light theme

Daily build, next release feature info:
version 5.8.2: Download
[January 12, 2015]
-fixed: theme/ui bugs

Some screenshots of the app.

screen_20140602_1915 screen_20140602_1915_2 screen_20140602_1919 screen_20140602_1918 screen_20140602_1916_3 screen_20140602_1920_2 wpid-screen_20140602_1930

Android version supported: 2.3 and up.
Only 4.0 and up are supported for viewing the cover image of an audio.

Wanna give it a try, download the app here.

Download: Release (recommended) | Daily build | All version

Older versions:
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m3amp Server Package

Image 003

m3amp is an app that collect all database and web server app in one package. This app is created to help people developing web application faster without the need for configuring the web server. This is a ready to use database and web server app for developer.

version 2014.10.23: Download (Recommended) | Portable
– update mysql configuration to enable/disable support for innodb engine
– httpd-2.4.9-win32-VC11
– mysql-5.6.19-win32
– php-5.5.13-Win32-VC11-x86
– apache-tomcat-7.0.54-windows-x86
– phpMyAdmin-
– SQLiteStudio-2.1.5
– HeidiSQL- (32bit)
– Notepad2 4.2.25
– Adminer 4.1.0
– File Thingie
– Bootstrap

Downloads: windows (recommended) | portable | other versions.

Older versions:
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