Web2Apk Offline Converter – Apache Cordova GUI Updated to Version 4.9.5


Web2Apk is a converter for web application that created with HTML, CSS and Javascript to Android Application. The conversion is done using Apache Cordova commands. Apache Cordova is a command line app, so this app is like a GUI for it.

Web2Apk development now comes to version 4.9.5, in this version some new features are introduced like Application Template and Running an APK on connected devices or emulators and also running APK using wireless ADB.

Download now.

Below are all the list of new features developed in this version.

  1. Now we can select what features we want to use in our app by selecting the appropriate template. For now we have HTML5 Only and HTML5 with basic cordova plugins. If you choose HTML5 Only it means your application is using only javascript and all its features without ability to access specific Device Feature. If you want to be able to create splashscreen, access the status bar, using native alert and confirm dialog or accessing device information you will need to use the HTML5 with basic cordova plugins. More templates are coming ;-).
  2. Running APK file to emulator or connected device is now available in this version through Play tab.
  3. With version 4.9.5, wireless ADB is now supported, this feature can be accessed from Play tab.
  4. Setup file now available start from version 4.9.3.
  5. Some other bugs fix and performance improvements.


Featured image from http://www.codepolitan.com.


3 thoughts on “Web2Apk Offline Converter – Apache Cordova GUI Updated to Version 4.9.5

    • If you make the web app using Intel XDK the plugins has already been added for cordova splashscreen, may be you can follow this link to create the splashscreen on Intel XDK and convert the app using web2apk -> choose template: html5-basic-plugins-1.0.

      For admod there is an example for Intel XDK where you can add ads to your web app. I havent added the ads plugins to web2apk. You can add this plugins too. I’ll explain in other article or video tutorial.

      BTW, thank you.


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