Ciew WebApp Engine


Ciew (read: see-you) Browser made for simplicity in look and bring focus to the site content only.

version 3.7: Download
[March 23, 2015]
– added: audio and video player
– update: update mechanism
– added: ability to open another window
– added: web page printing
– added: pdf viewer (need external plugins like Adobe Reader installed)

version 3.3:
[November 21, 2014]
– update default app style
– added: auto reload
– added: source view
– fixed: address bar interactivity
– change name to Ciew Webapp Engine

version 3.0:
– Bigger address bar
– Fixed: normal zoom
– Fixed: access to local web and secure web

version 2.0:
– Multi instance
– Portable, no install needed
– All in one URL bar + search bar
– Using system proxy as application proxy
– Supported OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, and Windows 8.1

version 1.0:
– initial release Desember 12, 2013

Download: Release (recommended) | zip version | All versions.

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