Ara Player (Android Audio Video Player)

Ara Player is an audio video player for android with features like mix playlist between audio and video, fullscreen audio/video player and lyrics search tool.

version 5.8: Download
[January 9, 2015]
– added: new settings view
– added: options for background cover and transparancy
– added: dark light theme (4.4 like theme)
– drop: light theme

Daily build, next release feature info:
version 5.8.2: Download
[January 12, 2015]
-fixed: theme/ui bugs

Some screenshots of the app.

screen_20140602_1915 screen_20140602_1915_2 screen_20140602_1919 screen_20140602_1918 screen_20140602_1916_3 screen_20140602_1920_2 wpid-screen_20140602_1930

Android version supported: 2.3 and up.
Only 4.0 and up are supported for viewing the cover image of an audio.

Wanna give it a try, download the app here.

Download: Release (recommended) | Daily build | All version

Older versions:

version 5.6: [Ocotober 30, 2014]
– added: as lyrics source
– fix: update mechanisme for any new version
– fix: auto scroll feature on fetching new lyrics
– added: auto scroll for lyrics view
– fix: screen wake lock feature when playing media

version 5.5.7: [August 19, 2014]
– added: filter to support opening files from file manager
– added: Add to playlist menu in Library
– added: ability to play m4a files
– fix: media library for duplicate names in different location
– fix: media scanner for external storage (sdcard)
– fix: fullscreen view for day theme

version 5.0:
– added: setting for background video playing
– added: fullscreen view for video and audio
– fix: minimizing update notification info
– added: switch to day and night theme
– added: full playlist view mode when touch
– added: video streaming (beta)
– updated: lyrics viewer look and feel
– added: context menu for managing item in media library
– fix: crash on playing prev and next item
– fix: after install bugs on android 2.3
– added: daily build update information when checking for update
– added: command to control media player from notification bar

version 4.4:
– fix: check for update bug
– fix: ui update when changing progress bar
– fix: remembered item on playlist
– added background play (keep playing after pressing Home key) for video item

version 4.0:
– added progress bar
– fix bug on remembered last played item
– fix some interface detail view

version 3.2:
– fix lyrics search bug on azlyrics
– make update notification more friendly

version 3.0:
– check for application update
– update: lyrics search mechanism

version 2.0:
– lyrics support added, also from
– fix player bug when receiving a call

version 1.0:
– playlist can contain both audio and video (mix mode)
– lyrics support (currently only from
– repeat and shuffle mode
– fullscreen (landscape) play for audio and video
– media library for both audio and video (mix mode)
– initial release Mei 5, 2014


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