>instalasi driver wireless intel pro wireless 2200 pada SuSE GNU/Linux 10.1

>download driver di situs :

extract driver sehingga diperoleh hasil sebagai berikut :
LICENSE A copy of the firmware license
ipw-[version]-boot.fw Boot strap image
ipw-[version]-bss_ucode.fw Used in BSS mode
ipw-[version]-bss.fw Used in BSS mode
ipw-[version]-ibss_ucode.fw Used in IBSS mode
ipw-[version]-ibss.fw Used in IBSS mode
ipw-[version]-sniffer.fw Used in Monitor mode
ipw-[version]-sniffer_ucode.fw Used in Monitor mode

contoh yang digunakan pada artikel ini adalah :

untuk linux SuSE tempatkan semua file diatas pada lokasi /lib/firmware
atau untuk lainnya tempatkan di /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware

reboot komputer

load driver menggunakan perintah :
# modprobe ipw2200 <— You need to run this as root

untuk melihat hasilnya gunakan perintah :
# lsmod | grep ipw2200
ipw2200 92980 0
ieee80211 28232 1 ipw2200
firmware_class 9856 2 pcmcia,ipw2200



Before you can load the driver, you need the firmware image. You can find
instructions for obtaining the firmware by going to:


Once you have the firmware, unzip the archive. You should find seven
files within it:

LICENSE A copy of the firmware license
ipw–boot.fw Boot strap image
ipw–bss_ucode.fw Used in BSS mode
ipw–bss.fw Used in BSS mode
ipw–ibss_ucode.fw Used in IBSS mode
ipw–ibss.fw Used in IBSS mode
ipw–sniffer.fw Used in Monitor mode
ipw–sniffer_ucode.fw Used in Monitor mode

You need to place all of these files into the hotplug firmware directory,
e.g. /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/ or /lib/firmware/. Check the contents
of the /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent to determine the specific location for your

If you do not have /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent, then you need to upgrade your
hotplug scripts to something later than 2003_10_07. You can obtain the latest
hotplug scripts via the following link (look for hotplug,
not firmwarehotplug):


Also, make sure that your kernel supports the hotplug firmware loader. See the
section above, KERNEL REQUIREMENTS — Configuration, on CONFIG_FW_LOADER .

NOTE: Loading this firmware image will not affect the ipw2200 in any other
operating systems you may boot. Each OS keeps its own copy of the firmware,
and loads its own copy onto the hardware each time the OS initializes the


Before loading ipw2200.ko, the ieee80211 driver needs to be loaded first.
If you’ve properly installed ieee80211 and ipw2200 (and done depmod -a,
which make install does), the following should load both:

# modprobe ipw2200 <— You need to run this as root

If built with DEBUG (default for ipw2200-1.0.6 and earlier, assuming it’s not
overridden by kernel config file — see BUILDING EXTERNAL section), the driver
can be loaded with a debug mode (a bit map of debug options) which you can
select from running the following script, found in the ipw2200 source tree:

% . dvals (shows debug options)
% modprobe debug=0x43fff (this is a good value for a useful debug log)
% . load debug=0x43fff

The ieee80211 module has a similar debug option. Run idval in the ieee80211
source tree to see its debug options.

There are several other useful load-time module parameter options for ipw2200.
See README.ipw2200, Command Line Parameters section for more information.

The load script, found in the ipw2200 source directory, is an easy way
to load ieee80211, several of its cryptography modules, and ipw2200. It’s a
bit more complete (it loads some extra decryption modules), and automatic,
than modprobe ipw2200. It uses modprobe to load the ieee80211 components
from their installed location, but insmod to load the ipw2200 driver directly
from its build directory.

load also looks at the ipw2200 Makefile to see if CONFIG_IPW2200_DEBUG is
set, and will automatically load it with a default debug mode (and you can,
of course, edit the load script to modify the default debug mode).

# . load <— You need to run this as root

# . unload <— You need to run this as root


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